G Chat Registry in the Sky

July 28, 2009


For Sure Multiples


G Chat Registry in the Sky

July 22, 2009


Goddam I hate Derek Jeter.

For Sure NOT Derek Jeter because I’m Spiteful.  But For Sure Derek Jeter In Reality.  I guess.


G Chat Registry in the Sky

July 9, 2009

drug problem

Just to let all my friends out there know – This is the type of moral support I can offer.  You come to me with questions, and this is the feedback you’ll get.  Its like the Socratic Method or some shit

For Sure NOT Drug Problem

G Chat Registry in the Sky

July 8, 2009


Am I worried about K Mac getting better?


Only thing I’m worried about is taking care of these stray chubbies that keep poppin up.

Don’t you worry K Mac.  Me and the Garbagman are open for business:

“Smokeshow Loaners for Random Boners” – Everyone chips in $5 a pop to get an Asian to come visit.

See you soon, Kev.

For Sure Random Boners

G Chat Registry in the Sky

July 2, 2009


We’re all the Captains of our own ships folks.  You make your own bed.  You make it, you shit in it, you sleep in it.

So if you wanna get black out drunk and pretend that you are a seal, you have to be prepared to accept the consequences.

Luckily I surround myself with mature adults like Dermy here who understands this.

For Sure Act Like A Seal

G Chat Registry in the Sky

July 1, 2009

rat race

Clearly V8 juice and two potted plants is the opposite of the Rat Race.

For Sure NOT

G Chat Registry in the Sky

June 24, 2009


Loose, if you’re out there and reading this, just know you will be missed.

For Sure NOT.