Here’s A Reasonable Headline


$100 says Week 8 at home against the Giants, when McNabb has a bad game Ealges fans will FS be screaming for Vick to start.

For Sure Hide Your Dogs


20 Responses to Here’s A Reasonable Headline

  1. Doctah says:

    As a giants fan I already have enough reasons to hate the eagles, but this just solidifies their place as the scumbag organization of the NFL. Sure, the cowboys took back a stripper beater deadbeat by the name of pacman, but when you give a dog murderer felon a multi-million dollar contract you’ve crossed the line.

  2. Ron Mexico says:

    Forgive and forget.
    To be honest, you sound a bit jealous.
    Eagles brass will field trade offers at seasons end.

  3. debo says:

    I think Doctah needs to go join PETA…then kill himself.


    P.S. – that tall nig you had on your squad in NY was a real class act. Word is he shot himself or something?

  4. Doctah says:

    Difference is the g-men cut the tall dumb idiot and your team picked up the criminal who just served a 3 year sentence. And there’s nothing wrong with shooting yourself in the leg, just don’t point the gun at anyone else. .

  5. Scheevo Stevo says:

    Get off your moral high horse. He went to federal pound me in the ass prison for 2 years. I think he paid his due, didn’t he? Go be mad that Dante Stallworth is at home on the couch instead of in jail for taking another human life. Its says alot about how ridiculous your standards are when a “dog murderer felon” is more of a bad man than someone who put his hands on a woman on multiple occasions. Plus Pacman got WAY more money. Gimme a break.

    And in reality, with the Eagles banged up right now, they went out and paid a measly 1.6 million dollars with second year option for the best QB and football player available. Its an easy decision and a good investment.

  6. debo says:

    Well, being as your the one that has a PHD, ‘Doctah’, I shouldn’t need to point out that you have your facts wrong….again. He served less then a two year sentence so I don’t know where this phantom 3-year sentence your referencing came from. Another thing, that statement about there is nothing wrong with shooting yourself, problem is he discharged the weapon(accidently) in a crowded nightclub surrounded by innocent bystanders. I think even you could respect there is something most certaintly wrong with that Doctor Dipshit. Furthermore, being a NY man like yourself you should know that the state of New York disagrees that there is nothing wrong with that being as it has some of the harshest laws, with regards to carrying illegal firearms, in the country.

    Nice thought though. Fo Sho Not

  7. MV says:

    well said….the guys a scumbag but he paid the price for it, 18 months of his life…o and $100 million….. philly’s morality police should be much more concerned with Brett “the wife beater” Myers and Hamels and Utley blowing each other between innings

  8. Ron Mexico says:

    Morality police here.
    The incident you refer to involving Brett Myers and his wife was reported to allegedly have occurred in 2006 and most of us have moved on since then. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, no dogs were harmed so we really don’t care.
    As for your claim regarding fellatio in the Phillies dugout, our preliminary investigation has revealed that both of them like chicks.

  9. weisel says:

    okay first off let me say as a birds fan, i truly have nothing against giants fans. in fact, they’re my favorite fans in the division. skins fans are too corporate to truly care, and dallas fans are the textbook example of front runners. (next time you talk to a cowboys fan, ask him why dallas? and he’ll say “dude i dont know, ever since i was a kid i’ve just always loved them. they’ve always been my team.” which loosely translates to “i saw them win superbowls when i was just starting to like sports, so i hopped on the bandwagon while it was going full-speed.” giants fans, on the other hand, are fine. i was at the Birds/Giants game IN new york when the eagles offense was so putrid (mcnabb was playing with a broken thumb), our only shot to win was a punt return TD by westbrook with a little over a minute to go- and that’s exactly what happened. i had my eagles gear on and not a beer was thrown, and only a few drunk pricks really got in my face. the rest of the giants fans talked to me about the unreal game we had just witnessed, etc. etc. the conversations were cordial and one guy even asked me if i needed help getting back to my car, looking back i think he was trying to bang me but thats neither here nor there. what i’m trying to say that when it comes to sports, all anyone cares about is winning. if there was a convicted felon out there that would help the giants, you bet the giants would be in touch with him so fast it would make your head spin. football is a business, not a game, and teams are in the business of winning no matter what.

    as for the difference doctah points out in his 10:14 post, that the incident happened while he was already a giant means you can’t put the vick signing and the plax release in the same discussion. the giants released him, knowing that he’s facing a mandatory jail sentence. so its not like the giants took some moral high ground by releasing him because of his actions. once bloomberg went on TV said this is exactly the type of crime the DA’s wanted enforce to the fullest extent of the law, plaxico’s 2009 season was OVAH. it makes it a lot easier to release a guy when you know he can’t give you anything, does it not? i have a feeling if burress wasn’t staring a mandatory sentence in the face, his high priced lawyers would have gotten him off (haha) with just probation, a fine, and he’d be free to play this season. the result of that, of course, would be the tables turning and we’d have giants fans pleading for 2nd chances and saying how he’s already paying his price with probation and a hefty fine. makes you think, doesn’t it?

  10. BC says:

    This might be the best debate since blue cheese vs. ranch dressing.

  11. weisel says:

    mary ann, i’m not arguing about that. seriously. mary ann was so fucking hot.

  12. Doctah says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed all input, including debo calling me a PhD doctah dipshit when it’s actually medical doctah dipshit. I digress, I think the moral of the story is that these guys take their fame and fortune for granted and still abuse all aspects of the law and DO NOT deserve a second chance in the league. If any of us were felons, we wouldn’t be able to get a job at McDonalds for 8 bucks an hour. I’m a Giants fan and couldn’t stand Plax half assing it all season before he busted a cap in his leg. Pacman and Stallworth also should be banned. And for the record, I never made any attacks on eagles fans in my posts.

    PS- points well spoken weisel

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