G Chat Registry in the Sky


I hope that somewhere in Cleveland, the Activist Rights Group PWDTOPSGTJFO30DAMOHBDD (People Who Don’t Think Other People Should Go To Jail For Only 30 Days After Murdering Other Humans By Drunk Driving) is at least putting up a little Pickett line outside the Browns facilities for Donte Stallworth.

PETA is going to have a field day with this shit.

For Sure Field Day


One Response to G Chat Registry in the Sky

  1. cho-caine says:

    i can already see it playing out in my head…

    drunk roughneck philly fans vs. peta activists in the parking lots…at probably like every game from here on out. before and after the game.

    and wait till you see what level it’ll get to when andy reid is thick enough to actually put him into the game after fans rail on mcnabb in what? week 2?

    this is gonna make booing santa claus seem like child’s play…

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