FSN Rookie of the Year – Tiffany Amber Thies…Fuck It. This Chick Will Always Be Kelly Kapowski

FS_ROYKelly Kapowski – Saved By The Bell – 1989


There is only one woman on the planet earth who was more influential in my life than Kelly Kapowski, and that’s my mother.  And its still a toss up at that.  Kelly Kapowski was THAT important.  She let me know I wasn’t gay.

She is the most important Smokeshow of the 90s generation.  Some will argue Pam Anderson as CJ in Baywatch.  Point well taken, valid argument there.  But nobody could relate to The Hoff and a crew of life guards running around the beach.  Every kid could relate to Bayside School: Every guy wanted to be Zack, and wanted to fuck Kelly.  And by “wanted to fuck” I mean “wanted to give Kelly one of those television/movie kisses where you open your mouth but don’t slip any tongue.”

Whether she was working at the Max:

Kelly The Max

Or in her lifeguard uniform at Malibu Sands:

CLASSIC 1990s High Cut Hips One Piece Bathing Suit

CLASSIC 1990s High Cut Hips One Piece Bathing Suit

Or in her Bayside Cheerleading Uniform:

Or in a various assortment of floral pattern dresses:

Kelly Flower 1Kelly Flower 2

Bottom line, she was a can’t miss SS.  She was Rookie of the Year in 1989, MVP in 1993, and now, in 2009, I present Kelly Kapowski with the first ever FSN SS Lifetime Achievement Award.

For being the greatest Highschool Cheerleader Babe of All Time, Kelly Kapowski always has been, and always will be the most important Smokeshow of the 1990s.

For Sure Kelly Kapowski


18 Responses to FSN Rookie of the Year – Tiffany Amber Thies…Fuck It. This Chick Will Always Be Kelly Kapowski

  1. Cheer Girls says:

    I heart Kelly Kapowski.

  2. Weed Man says:

    Tiffani rocked my adolescent world as Kelly on SBTB. Cute, sweet and secretly horny as hell, Kelly would be dis-sheveled and breathless, wet from having played with herself. Her panties not pulled aside as they had been for the last 7 minutes, miniskirt still raised, thigh muscles still palpitating a little.

  3. King Vega says:

    Kelly Kapowski taking nudie pics of herself in the locker room at school~ What an utterly beautiful thought. I also think she got VERY turned on while doing clit-masturbation in the closed-door privacy of her bedroom.

  4. King Vega says:

    I hope this doesn’t seem too offensive, but I’ve always thought of Kelly Kapowski as the type of girl who would get very wet when she played with herself. Her adolescent sex fantasies often involved the idea of someone (a nieghbor, a teacher, etc.) watching her masturbate, and the element of innapropriateness definately part of the turn-on for her. Her vagina was attractive, and she knew it. It was like a petite little flower with a fleshy little hood for the clitoris. She could pull the hood back just right, focusing on the guy she imagined was watching her, and there she was, not only naked, but getting a fierce 17 year old clitty-boner within seconds off pulling back the hood. I would like to write more on this subject, but for now I need to cool off. Thank you for reading this post.

  5. King Vega says:

    I am imagining the scent of her pussy juice.

  6. King Vega says:

    I’m continuing, now, with my thoughts about Kelly Kapowski and the tremendous arousal that I can imagine her going through as she masturbated in her mid-to-later teens. Her clitoris responds as soon as soon as she pulls back the hood~ (imagine a shiny, bright pink pencil eraser that stiffens to 3 times it’s size) and the proud little owner is pulling the hood back. Her arousal is so photogenic that you could clearly identify the fact that the tip of this teen girl’s clitoris is quite distinct from the shaft~ she’s popping out like crazy.

  7. King Vega says:

    Late April, 1991. 3:51 pm in the bedroom of an 11th grade high school cheerleader who is 17 and still in uniform.

  8. King Vega says:

    She’s aroused. The pussy juice is thick. “Oh God!”, she thinks to herself as she gets really close to cumming then forces herself to stabalize her arousal at a point at which its hard to describe. Eventually, the cheerleader stopped trying to hold herself back. As she rubbed with gentle but unrestrained urgency, her pent-up orgasm came with such profound intensity that a tiny jet of opaque, milky-white fluid squirted discreetly from the pretty girl’s urethra. Kelly Kapowski had ejaculated, and the wet-spot on the bed sheets had a ‘thick part’ that was mucousy and messy, and a ‘thin part’ that was a narrow line of wetness that extended six inches beyond the musky thick mucous. I hope this sums it up without being to gross. Kelly was (and still is) my favorite teen cheerleader to masturbate over. Her beauty and sweetness astonish me.

  9. King Vega says:

    Performing oral sex on her and she’s using fingers from hands to pull the hood back. Her clitoris is so erect that its poking right out. She’s dripping her sweet teenage nectar all down between her butt-cheeks and running down onto the bed sheets. She’s never been this wet or turned on in her whole entire life.

  10. Richard says:

    When I look at that CLASSIC photo of Tiffani in that green one piece swimsuit that she wore on SBTB, all I can think about is her first day wearing it and her nipples (which had never really poked out on the tv show before) got so erect that they were blazing through that swimsuit like crazy. To say that I needed to needed to masturbate over her after seeing her that way would be the understatement of the century.

  11. jj cale says:

    I love the fact of having seen the distinct impressions Tiffani’s NC-17 rated teeni-bopper nipple erections protruding shamelessly through the thin, titty-hugging tightness of that green one-piece swimsuit on season 3 of Saved by the Bell.

  12. Kelly Kapowski's Clitoris says:

    I am SO erect right now. Oh God, she’s about to pull the fucking hood back and rub me back and forth until she cums. Oh God, she’s doing it.

  13. Simon says:

    I LOVED the curve of her butt in a lot of the outfits she wore~ Especially the floral print dresses. And I can DEFINATELY imagine her pulling the hood of her clit back when she masturbates. What a sweet and naughty thing to imagine her squirting her cum!

  14. rodrick says:

    Kelly fantasized about being watched while she masturbated. She was lovely. She massaged her clitoris at the same time that she fucked her cunt with a banana. She came, and it was beautiful.

  15. Wwulfy says:

    Kelly was taking her morning shower and she became sexually aroused while she was rinsingherself between her legs. She held the removable showerhead very close to her arousal, and urgently moved her fingers up-and-down causing her clitoris to come out of it’s hood so that it could be exposed to the hot, pulsating water, then go back inside it’s hood when the fingers made the down stroke. Unfortunately, she was short on time and she didn’t reach a climax. She quickly got out of the shower, dried herself off, put on a tiny miniskirt and small pair of panties and a tank top without a bra and ran out catch the school bus. It was one of those episodes of “Saved by the Bell” when the video cameras were constantly getting shots of Tiffany’s underwear up her tiny skirt, And the whole day at school she couldn’t wait to get home so she could finish masturbating.
    During the afternoon, she masturbated in her bedroom and she pulled the hood of her clitoris back and her adolescent 17-year-old clitoris was so swollen, and her vagina was wet, the panties which she pulled the side were a soaking wet mess and she masturbated for half an hour, bringing herself to 25 consecutive climaxes. She really was such a beautiful and horny teenage girl. Everyone thought of her as so preppy, and so squeaky clean, but here she was masturbating when she got home from school and climaxing 25 times in half an hour, how intense is that?

  16. Jose Padilla says:

    Tiffani Amber Thiessen, TAT, a.k.a.-Kelly Kapowski, my teenage crush, has done a lot since Saved by the Bell, and I have seen, saved every image of TAT, and I have seen several “screen-caps” of Tiffani, Kelly, from the END of the episode, Date Auction, Kelly’s Uniform Cheer, butt No-one has ever pulled off a screen-cap of Kelly Kapowski’s “Up-skirt” Inredible butt from the Video shown above. Specifically, when Kelly does her 2nd turn, she shows her PERFECT BUTT in All-Its-Glory. Someone Please do a screen-cap of her and post it Somewhere, ANYWHERE. Even as Frame-by-Frame stills. A good location to post THEM IN/AT would be SuperiorPics.com>>forums. Just a suggestion, BEG.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi, joe. I read your comment urging a video hobbyist to create and post screen caps for an uncommonly provocative moment on the “Date Auction” episode of Saved by the Bell”. I agree it is a beautiful moment, but I doubt the screen caps, once made, would offer any where near the optical resolution that most viewers would find satisfactory. She is a long way from the camera and the light is low. My best suggestion would be a DVD player with variable zoom and a-b repeat function. With practice, this can work amazingly well, in my experience.
      In terms of screen caps for Tiffani’s pretty derrière, a year or so earlier, she appeared in a black one piece bathing suit with nude pantyhose underneath for an episode entitled “Miss Bayside”. The existing screen caps are clear, close and well lit.
      I hope this helps.

  17. Charlie says:

    I know the scene Joe is referring to. I agree that Tiffi’s butt looks great in that shot, but she’s a long way from the camera and the scene is not well lit. I’ve gone through, frame by frame, but the resolution would be too low for a good screen cap. While making this investigation, I looked very closely at Tiffani’s butt and vagina-region. I hadn’t planned on mastubating to her, but I found I needed to quite badly.

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