Chinese Dude Jumps In River To Escape His Nagging Wife


Ananova A Chinese lorry driver jumped into a fast-flowing river because he couldn’t take his wife’s nagging anymore. Zhou and his wife were on a ferry on the Yangtze River when it all became too much for him, reports the Chongqing Evening Post.  Members of the ship’s crew saw the man suddenly run out of his cabin with his hands covering his ears, and shouting: “I can’t stand it any longer.”  They initially thought he was suffering from an ear injury and went to help him but found he was unhurt.  “While we were still puzzling over the this, his wife ran up and continued nagging him,” said one crewmate.  “The husband covered his ears again and said: ‘I need a break’ before jumping over the side into the rushing river.  We immediately found lamps to light up the water but found nobody. The possibility of survival can be zero.”  However, later that night, police found the man who had managed to swim more than a mile across across the broad river.  “I felt I was dying, but even that’s better than my wife’s nagging,” he reportedly told the police.

The FSKY River!  Poor fucking Zhou! His wife is such a terrible hag she almost literally nagged him to death.  I would have paid top dollar to witness this poor son of a bitch give up on it all and hurl himself overboard into what was supposed to be certain death.

“I felt I was dying, but even that’s better than my wife’s nagging,” What is the FUCK could this bitch have been saying that the would make one prefer the feeling of cold water rushing into you lungs?  Considering the natural progression of things, this guy must have already beat her a little bit and tried every other tactic to get her to stop.  The fact that he chose to try and murder himself as a last resort is astounding.

For Sure Kill Yourself Because Of Nagging


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