Ding DONG Ditch, Pun Intended


Redwood City, CA –  A man accused of ringing residents’ doorbells naked then leading deputies on a chase in a pickup truck last month pleaded not guilty in San  Mateo County Superior Court Tuesday to charges that could land him in prison for the rest of his life if convicted. Peter Steele, 38, is charged with recklessly evading a police officer and vandalism, both felonies, as well as misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure, driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, trespassing and resisting arrest for the July 11 incident, San Mateo  County Assistant District Attorney Morley Pitt said.

Deputies tried to subdue him with an electronic control device but were unsuccessful. They then shot two “bean bags” at Steele and were finally able to take him into custody, Lunny said. He was found to have a pulse of 220 and was taken to a hospital, where staff allegedly observed him masturbating. A search of his car allegedly revealed rubber female genitalia, according to the district  attorney’s office. The incident is a  third-strike case, which means he could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted of all the charges

A 6 Foot 7 naked Sasquatch, public masturbation, rubber pussies and riot control weapons??  GODDAMN I was a Ring and Run rookie.  Peter Steele was playing Ring and Run Chess while we all were playing checkers. He’s like the Wilt Chamberlain of Ding Dong Ditch.  Completely changed the landscape of this game.  The Police amended their rules to accommodate this trailblazer and opened fire on his giant naked ass.  I don’t even wanna know how this guy goes about egging houses.

And talk about going down in a blaze of glory.  If this guy hits the slammer for life I bet you he’s not even upset.  He’s like Seinfeld, riding off into the sunset at the top of his game.

For Sure Gives New Meaning To Ding Dong Ditch



3 Responses to Ding DONG Ditch, Pun Intended

  1. cmac says:

    FS flesh light

  2. weew31 says:

    FS Messin with Sasquatch

  3. Brendan O says:

    J Christ he probably eggs houses by 1) throwing the egg 2) waiting for the home owner to come out 3) if the owner is female – seduces her and gives her a donkey punch or two and if the owner is male – says F it and does the same using his fake vag if necessary for any of this

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