Vegas Baby, Vegas


I’m off to Vegas, Nation!  Goddam, Hamptons all month and now a trip to Vegas for a bachelor party/wedding – Does anyone have a better life than me?

The answer to that question, of course, is a resounding yes.  I’m an internet smut peddler for God’s Sake – there are about 1 trillion people who have better lives than me.

Nonetheless, I’m gone til next Monday.  Try not to Kill Yourselves in my absence.

Also, there’s a chance I black out and die.  So lets hope that doesn’t happen.  I can guarantee you, though, my friends will be dragging my ass around the strip like this little motherfucker in the Verizon Store:

For Sure Vegas


4 Responses to Vegas Baby, Vegas

  1. dermy says:

    just remember off the record comments can come back to haunt you. forsurewhat is looking better and better

  2. mugsy says:

    FS more updates.

  3. Forsurenot says:

    Dude. I’m in Vegas.

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