Slick Willy Negotiates the FUCK out of Kim Jong Il


TWO American journalists detained in North Korea have been pardoned by leader Kim Jong-il, after former US president Bill Clinton met with the ailing dictator.

Mr Clinton, who arrived in North Korea Tuesday on an unannounced visit, met with the reclusive Kim – his first meeting with a prominent Western figure since his reported stroke nearly a year ago.

Mr Clinton had described his surprise visit to Pyongyang as a private mission and is the first high-profile American to visit the country since ex-secretary of state Madeleine Albright in 2000.

Who else could roll up into Communist North Korea, and within a few hours have Kim Jong Il in the palm of his hand?  Nobody.

Slick Willy, Master Negotiator, probably took wacky old Kim Jong Il to a titty bar and threw down a wad of US Dollars and a big pile of drugs.

Lo and Behold, couple hours and a few lap dances later, Kim Jong Il stumbles out of the Strip Club, unable to feel his face, handing out “special pardons” like they are going out of style.

Reminds me of the 90s when we used to run shit

FS Slick Willy


2 Responses to Slick Willy Negotiates the FUCK out of Kim Jong Il

  1. cho-caine says:

    bill clinton still rules

  2. Garbageman says:

    The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation [3.6]

    Frank: It’s the damn North Koreans!
    Dennis: Wait, what makes you guys think they’re North Koreans?
    Frank: That’s the bad Korea.
    Charlie: The sneaky bad Korea.
    Mac: The ones on top, and they sneak down and eat everybody’s pets.

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