Sex Without A Condom Is Good For Your Health


Carnal Nation HAVING sex without a condom is good for your mental health, according to controversial research conducted by a leading Scottish psychologist.  Professor Stuart Brody concludes that unprotected heterosexual sex can significantly boost men and women’s mental wellbeing.  Conversely, Mr Brody claims that heterosexual sex with a condom is associated with poorer mental health, problems with dealing with stress and even conditions such as depression.

“The more often people are using condoms independent of age, independent of the nature of their relationship, the greater use of immature defence mechanisms against stress.  In contrast, the more often they have sex without condoms, the better their mental health and the more mature their mechanisms.”

Well, well, well.  Looks like Professor Brody here has confirmed what men have already known for centuries:

It’s simply too dangerous to wear condoms.

For years now I’ve been going around telling chicks “I’m allergic to latex,” or “I’ve had a vasectomy” or “AIDS only exists in Africa” because there was no scientific proof regarding the correlation between condoms and mental regression.

But now we can cite Mr. Brody’s study and avoid the numerous pitfalls of protected sex.

“Do you have a condom?”   Well yes, sweetheart, I do.  But do you really want to spiral into the depths of depression?  Do you really want to combat stress levels with immature defense mechanisms?  I don’t think you do.  So pony up, and lets do this.  If you’re lucky I’ll pull out.  Although I’ve also heard that can inhibit your ability to do simple math later in life.

Somebody give Dr. Brody A Nobel Prize.



2 Responses to Sex Without A Condom Is Good For Your Health

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  2. lostplum says:


    huh, is that why 2+2 equals 5?

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