Maria Magobet Just COMPLETELY Shifted The Scale of 1-10


Court records show Maria Magobet, 50, from Dayton allegedly ordered lunch meat and cheese from the deli counter at Valley Grocery on Vine Street on Saturday, then walked out the store without paying.

Police noted a pickle was recovered from Magobet before she left the store.

When police caught up with Magobet, officers say they saw bits of lunch meat on Magobet’s mouth and shirt. Police also say she was still chewing and admitted to just eating some meat.

Your Grandparents will tell you they will never forget where they were when they heard Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese.

Your parents will tell you they will never forget where they were when they received word President Kennedy was assassinated.

You, my friends, will tell your children, and your children’s children after them, where you were when Maria Magobet redefined a 0 out of 10.

Maria Magobet is a wild animal.  Shes like a large mouth bass that was caught in an oil spill.

She’s a beast lurking in the shadowy depths of dark, dark caves.  Magobet is a creature of which we do not speak.

Shes a combination of former WWF Hardcore Champion Mabel, Biggie from the Mo Money Mo Problems Video, and FSN’s very own Wildebeest Mascot.

Mabel + Wildebeest + Biggie = MAGOBET

Mabel + Wildebeest + Biggie = MAGOBET

She makes Courtney Paris look like Megan Fox.  Her appetite is a threat to small children and neighborhood pets.

She is the definition of a ZERO out of Ten.

She is quite simply….


FS Magobet


5 Responses to Maria Magobet Just COMPLETELY Shifted The Scale of 1-10

  1. cmac says:

    I’m calling Webster’s Dictionary IMMEDIATELY to get magobet added for the next edition.

    Wait until the 2010 Spelling Bee:

    Judge: The word is magobet.
    Little Asian Kid: Can you please use it in a sentence?
    Judge: “Yo did you see that magobet FSN hooked up with last night.”

    FS so hideous that the english language needs to be redefined.

  2. weew31 says:

    she looks like Alien v. Predator only minus the verses part

  3. Kovach says:


  4. Doctah says:

    The medical field may need to come up with a name for this condition. I can’t think of any current definitions that would accurately describe that thing.

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