The South Is Politically Correct FSN

FSN Tar Baby

The Garbageman, fellow Excel Monkey and FSN Ambassador, is spreading the Good Word of the Rooster down below the Mason Dixon Line in South Carolina.

So he found it quite appropos to send this photo of a Waffle House in South Carolina.  Simply saying the term “Waffle House” makes me feel racist.  Same thing with “Collard Greens” and “Grits.”  I feel like I have to look around and make sure there are no black people when I say those terms.

But J CHRIST a waffle house named “Tar Baby’s????”  I say a lot of F’d up stuff on this site and even I am taken aback by this.  The only thing worse than this is the old fashioned Looney Tunes episode “Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs”

I love how youtube calls this a “jazzy” version of Snow White when it is simply the most racist cartoon of all time.

I bet you South Carolina still counts black people as 3/5 of a person.

FSN Tar Baby’s


2 Responses to The South Is Politically Correct FSN

  1. jakedasnake says:

    shit i ate there just last week… politically correct or not. they got the best eating this side of mammy’s kitchen. FSMK

  2. mark saunders says:

    The guy that opened the pancake house was nicknamed ” Tarbaby”..He was well-known and loved by everyone in town and by hundreds of yearly vacationers. They all called him Tarbaby. .

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