Hey Jude…

How Many More of These Motherfuckers Do You Want???

How Many More of These Motherfuckers Do You Want???


The identity of the mystery woman pregnant with Jude Law’s fourth baby is finally revealed. And her name is Samantha Burke, who is an actress and a model.

I happened to think that Jude Law is an underrated cocksman.  I mean he was in the news alot when he was f’ing nanny and cheating on this:

Sienna miller-11

but I still think for the most part he flies under the radar.  He’s got a little bit of the Derek Jeter technique in him.

And the only thing that can derail this completely perfect lifestyle is fucking KIDS.

This new chick, Samantha Burke, looks like this:


SS, right?  Do you know what she looks like pregnant?

About 100 pounds heavier, and $100,000 a year more expensive.

Jude, call up Tom Brady – ask for the blueprint on how to pull this shit off and still look like a hero.

For Sure NOT Get Multiple Bitches Knocked Up When You Are A Movie Star Cocksman


~ Shout out to Choot for the link


One Response to Hey Jude…

  1. cmac says:

    if tom’s busy, you can always call shawn kemp for baby daddy advice.

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