FSN Rookie of the Year – Eliza Dushku

FS_ROYEliza Dushku – 1994 – True Lies – Dana Tasker


I already have such a soft spot in my heart for Eliza Dushku, and by “soft spot in my heart” I mean I want to have copious amounts of sex with her.

And now you’re gonna tell me she was in True Lies, one Arnold’s finest masterpieces???

Somebody get Eliza on the line and tell her she might need a premptive restraining order on me.


And whaddaya know, if you look up all the movies she’s ever done, there’s an atrociously slutty film on her resume.

I swear to God its like a guarantee.  The sun will come up, everyone will eventually die, and every actress has a slutty movie under their belt.

Eliza’s is Sex and Breakfast – “Young couples experiment with anonymous group sex as a way to revitalize their troubled relationships”  Eliza Dushku participating in anonymous group sex?  SIGN ME UP.

Eliza Dushku participating in anonymous group sex with Macaulay Culkin?  Well, still sign me up.  But why the F did they have to go ahead an ruin a perfectly good semi-porn with Kevin McCallister? (NSFW, unless you work at the Neverland Ranch, in which case watching Macaulay Culkin get down is not only acceptable, but encouraged)

For Sure Eliza Dushku


4 Responses to FSN Rookie of the Year – Eliza Dushku

  1. alrightsweet says:

    this clips sucks. i work an environment where i can broadcast titties in 3D and all i get it some making out? fsnnsfw

  2. RoadSoda says:

    Someone was watching TNT last night. I saw her name in the opening credits and knew a ROY was coming.

  3. Weisel says:

    Anonymous Group Sex Nation.

  4. Reed says:

    I got 3 ROYs for ya:

    Hayden Panettiere in Remember the Titans

    Alyssa Milano in Commando

    and Scarlett Johansson in Just Cause

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