A Gentleman Never Asks and A Saudi Arabian Should REALLY Never Tell


Telegraph UK A Saudi Arabian man could face the death penalty for speaking about his sexual adventures on a talk show aired by a Lebanon-based television network, lawyers said.

Police arrested Mazen Abdul-Jawad, 32, for “publicising vice”, a police spokesman in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah said.

How the fuck are you supposed to get laid in Saudi Arabia if you don’t brag about all the chicks you’ve banged?  That’s like the number thing that makes panties hit the floor.  Or in this case, its like the number 1 thing that makes Saudi chicks show their elbows and shit.

Seriously if I can’t “publicise vice” whats the fun in even nailing chicks?  If I can’t Do It For The Story than I don’t wanna live anyway.

FS Publicize Vice


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