Church Sucks So Bad


PLAIN CITY, Utah — Police in Utah say a 7-year-old boy led officers on a car chase in an effort to avoid going to church.

Dispatchers received reports of a child driving recklessly on Sunday morning. Weber County Sheriff’s Capt. Klint Anderson says one witness said the boy drove through a stop sign.

Anderson says when the boy’s father later confronted him, the boy said he didn’t want to go to church. The boy is too young to prosecute and no citations were issued, although police did urge the father to make his car keys more inaccessible to children.

When I was a kid, sending me to Church was like sending me to the electric chair.  That shit was the WORST.

But because I was weak willed I just sat there and took it like a pussy.  I’d show up with all the other sheep in the flock, going because my parents said I had to, and just hoping that we would skip out early after Communion instead of waiting for the closing prayer.

But not this kid.  This guy says “FSN!” and he’s gonna do something about it.  Kid probably hops a flight when he has to go to the dentist or starts hitch-hiking out of town when he’s gotta get a shot at the doctor’s office.

For Sure Steal Car To Avoid Church



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