Motherfuckin Snakes, In My Motherfuckin POCKET


A motorist who caused a multiple car crash has blamed the incident on two snakes escaping from his trouser pocket.

If I had a nickel for everytime I blamed a car accident on the Old Trouser Snake Excuse I’d have approximately 43¢.

I know, the math doesn’t work out even there, but one time my dick escaping from my trousers was only half to blame for the accident, so I only got like 2¢.  And then there was some rounding involed so my current total is just about 43¢.

What’s even weirder than that is this dude who keeps sending me nickels every time there is an auto accident at the hands of a Penis Mishap.  Like, what does this guy do?  Scour the internet looking for police write ups where I report that the inability of my trousers to contain my dick resulted in a dangerous car crash, and then he just drops a nickel in the mail for me?

Fuckin weird.


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