Spartacus: Blood and Sand

FSN Nation Member Alrightsweet is on the writing staff for a new series on Starz called Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

This trailer premeired last week at Comic-Con and was a smash hit.

Long story short, Spartacus looks a TV series mix of Gladiator and 300, with a bunch of SSs getting plowed by gladiators.

If the smokeshow at the 0:55 mark begging to “make him do it again” doesn’t make you tune into this show, something is wrong with you.

Episodes start airing in January 2010.  Remember where you heard it first.

FS Spartacus


3 Responses to Spartacus: Blood and Sand

  1. alrightsweet says:

    quote from the mother of big spartacus after watching the trailer,

    “…..horribly bloody and disgusting…only a mother could love this and her son..”

  2. cmac says:

    FS Xena the Warrior Princess starring in Spartacus…….sold

  3. g says:

    I finally updated my g web site !

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