Philly Fans Have A Good Reputation


From throwing Snowballs at Santa, to batteries at J.D. Drew.   From booing a motionless Michael Irvin, to shooting off a fucking FLARE GUN during Monday Night Football.

Fans of Philadelphia sports have earned quite a reputation over the years.  Some of it they have certainly earned.

But other times, the only thing more absurd than Philly Fan antics is the portrayal from outsiders.  This past weekend, there were two incidents at the Phillies/Cards game:

1.  A fan in the stands was shining a laser pointer at Cardinals in the batters box


One fan was quoted was quoted in the Philadelphia Daily News as saying:

“They took laser pointers away from kids in school, they should take them away here,” Vance said. “As far as McFadden’s [and the killing], that’s Philly. It’s going to happen sooner or later.”

IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN SOONER OR LATER?  I think dicks from Philly need to be eradicated as much as the next guy, but I also think every city has dicks that need to be eradicated.  (i.e. myself and New York City)

But to throw out there that it’s inevitable someone will be beaten to death with fists and feet because “it’s Philly” is just priceless.

Shout out the “Vance” for the quote of the week.

For Sure Sooner Or Later People Are Brutally Murdered By Bare Hands In Philly



3 Responses to Philly Fans Have A Good Reputation

  1. Robyn says:

    as a die hard philly fan, i’m not surprised it happened. I’m more surprised it doesn’t happen every game hahaha. I have been successfully kicked out of plenty of professional sporting events and countless flyers games for being “too rowdy.” only in philadelphia can you be “too rowdy” at a fucking hockey game.

    • Scheevo Stevo says:

      It actually happened after the game, and had nothing to do with the game. 3 headfucks all with prior criminal records (one with a similar near death beating who was only previously sentences to angermanagement classes) beat some 22 year old boy to death over spilled beer in the bar. It is tragic, and gives legitimate human beings who are Philly fans a horrible name. RIP and hopefully the guilty parties get due justice this time around.

  2. debo says:

    People like Robyn give Phillies and Philly’s fans a bad name. Cats like this degenerate show up to the games, housed as if they hold thier booze like 50 lb. todler, to view sports they know nothing about. ONce thier niendrethal brians start to get confused they begin fighting eachother. Worst is these people only started showing up to see the Phillies the past 3-4 years (same time they started playing well, I believe we call that bandwagon jumping). Robyn was probaly the same mongo shining lazer pointers at the cardinals this weekend.

    Im no moral Mr. fucking Roberts but dude gets killed, KILLED, outside the stadium and your suprised it doesn’t happen more often and laugh.


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