Is Omar Minaya An Actual Retarded Person?


So Omar Minaya completely fucked himself yesterday by inexplicably taking on the New York Media, and more specifically the very newspaper which buys air time on SNY, The Daily News.

He called out Adam Rubin, a Mets beat reporter since 2003, claiming he ran the Tony Bernazard story in an effort to get a job as an executive of Player Development for the franchise.

The best way to get a job with a franchise is slander and embarrass that very organization in the newspaper.

For Sure NOT.

So Adam Rubin called Minaya despicable, the entire city is backing Rubin, and the Mets wasted an opportunity to put an end to a bad situation by making it much much worse.

Luckily, Omar very eloquently clarified his statments by saying:

“No, I mean, well, no. I don’t regret. I don’t, I don’t regret saying. I mean I regret saying, you know, you know what I’m saying. I mean, I stand by the things that I said, but I don’t regret, I regret saying, that in that forum. That was not the proper forum.”

Well, I mean, like, For Sure, um, ya know, probably I think maybe, um like NOT.


One Response to Is Omar Minaya An Actual Retarded Person?

  1. cmac says:

    wow JD that picture is like looking into a mirror…creepy

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