Is This The Greatest Moment in the History of Existence?

A mid spin Price is Right Proposal as you drop a fucking DOLLAR on the board?  You gotta be fucking KIDDING ME!

The crowd goes absolutely BERZERK for Michael and Rosie when that wheel stops on a buck.

As far as the list of Greatest Things to Ever Occur In Humankind it goes like this:

3.) Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 pts in a game / having sex with over 20,000 women.

2.)  Michael’s Price is Right Mid Dollar Spin Proposal (FSM’SPiRMDSP)

1.) The Miracle on Ice

Michael would have taken the crown if he doesn’t INEXPLICABLY try to balance the ring on his nose.

What the fuck was that move about, buddy?  You’ve already pulled the most original proposal ever AND dropped a hundo on the Big Wheel, and you’re gonna ruin it with the old Balance The Engagement Ring On Your Nose trick?

Talk about overplaying your hand.

But still, this guy goes on to win the Showcase as well and tops off, in my mind, the Greatest Single Performance of all time.

For Sure Price is Right Mid Dollar Spin Proposal

~ Shout out to the Big Splint for the video


6 Responses to Is This The Greatest Moment in the History of Existence?

  1. Garbageman says:

    if you look closely, he’s also tying a cherry stem with his tongue, and simultaneously patting his head while rubbing his belly

    For Sure Overplaying Your Hand


    (also, overshadowed in this video is the rarely-used yet highly successful strategy of bidding low in the showcase showdown. greedy contestants always try to nail it on the head so they can win BOTH showcases, but betting low is the way to go)

  2. choot says:

    this is FS 10,000 times better than this:

  3. Seelz says:

    i agree with the garbageman (there’s a sentence i never thought i’d say.) the showcase is such a crapshoot. just bid low and keep yourself in the game. and why is it that one showcase is always better? the first one is like a trip to tahiti, a speedboat, an RV, and a round of golf with tiger woods. and the second always sucks so they try to spruce it up by packaging it in some lame theme like “Things That Can Fit in a Ziplock Bag” and its like a new passport, leather wallet, and the obligatory dinette set. but then of course the dinette set can’t fit in the ziplock bag, so really, everyone loses but we all walk away a little wiser for it.

  4. BC says:

    Today the 2nd showcase included 9 iPod nanos. WTF am I gonna do with NINE iPod nanos!?!?!? And yes, I went to work late today so I got to watch the Price is Right. Suck it.

  5. funfsinn14 says:

    This one takes it for me

  6. Timmaaaaay says:

    This is another solid one..kinda, featuring the old Yankee Stadium

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