For Sure NOT Bond Girl

"Insert Easy Joke Here"

"Insert Easy Joke Here"

Megan Fox has been lined up to play a Bond girl — but she’s already turned down the role.

The Transformers star is said to have been sounded out by Bond bosses for a forthcoming 007 movie in which she would have starred opposite Daniel Craig as one of his conquests.

“Megan might be interested in a villainous role if it was a central part of the movie but she is not interested in being just your usual type of Bond girl,”

Turning down a Bond Girl role is like slapping the Smokeshow Gods right in their faces.  It’s like getting breast reduction surgery.

Don’t tempt fate Megan.  Next thing you know you won’t be getting any big time movie roles.

And Lord knows you wouldn’t be this popular if you only acted in one role.

Oh wait…

For Sure Megan Fox Doesn’t Actually Need To Do Anything To Remain Popular

~ Shout out to CK for the link


7 Responses to For Sure NOT Bond Girl

  1. cmac says:

    i take back my prior post about DJ

  2. Timmaaaaay says:

    If I were a movie executive I would do a remake of the movie “Faceoff” starring Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde. Obviously you’d cut out the surgery scenes since they fucking look like each other.

    Megan Fox -Olivia Wilde summer blockbuster cat fight?!!?! BAD. ASS. MOVIE.

    For Sure Gross a trillion dollars.

    For Sure Gross the National Deficit.

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