Farrah, MJ, Billy Mays…Taco Bell Chihuahua STOP THE MADNESS


She charmed millions without ever saying a word, and managed to make fast food tacos adorable. Gidget, the Chihuahua best known for her Taco Bell ad campaign, died from a stroke on Tuesday night at age 15.

Wait a fucking second.  The Yo Quiero Taco Bell dog was a fucking CHICK?  Cut the shit!

Granted I live my life under the assumption that all dogs are boy and all cats are chicks, but this is especially shocking.

No chick loves downing T-Bell.  Plus all those pictures about Taco Bell Sour Cream don’t make any sense anymore


Oh well.  Hate to see a dog bite the dust regardless.

RIP Gidget.


~ Shout out to Dermy for the scoop


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