The RV and This Guy Are Done Professionally

This is the funniest FUCKIN GODDAM SON OF A BITCH Video I’ve seen in a while

Its the perfect length of time – Starts funny, then gets old, then gets funny again cuz its fucking remarkable this dude is still going at it.

at 3:03 RV Guy unleashes the most passionate “GOD – DAMN, SONOFA BITCH” the world has ever seen.

There is a 200% chance this guy beats his children.


~ Shout out to The Garbageman for the link


8 Responses to The RV and This Guy Are Done Professionally

  1. cmac says:

    FS RV = Rape Van

  2. mugsy says:

    get out of here u fucking flys … awsome

  3. choot says:

    is that the paddywagon? FS Pmac

  4. BC says:

    Is that John Locke?

  5. MucktheFets says:

    “I gotta read it again, because my mind is just a piece of SHIT this morning”!

    This guy is FS the fuckin’ man!

    Also FS John Locke

  6. KRo says:

    The bit about the flies is amazing. Good thing it looks like he caught one of them. FS Hate Flies.

  7. forsurenot says:

    I love at the 4:20 mark when he gets all serious

    “Ain’t worth it….not for this shit”

  8. Timmaaaaay says:

    You believe this shit? I can’t believe this fucker would fucking just explode with all this shit just because of a goddamn Winnebago. Son a bitch. Hasn’t this guy ever fucking heard of goddamn restraint!

    Fuck. This clip was the fucking most hilarious piece of shit I’ve ever…holy shit..i can’t believe i forgot what i was gonna type…fuck…fuck…i mean, shit…

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