FSN Rookie of the Year – Vanna White

FS_ROYVanna White – 1982 – Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White First Episode

If my girl right here Vanna White isn’t the poster child for letting good looks get you through your life, then I don’t know who the fuck is.

Other than look like a smokeshow, her job was to turn letters. That’s it.  They even eventually made it easier for her and she only had to touch them for fuck’s sake.

But whatever, VW, Snake it Till You Make It!

Ironically, Vanna White’s first appearance on television was as a contestant on The Price is Right

Vanna White Price is Right

FFFFFF SSSSSS! She was a 23 year old DIME PIECE when she went on the PIR in 1980.  More importantly, Bob Barker was a 55 year old MACK in 1980

Bob Barker Young

and I PROMISE you Vanna Bid on His Showcase backstage after the show.  Just check out how he starts hitting on her right away for her “Get Serious” shirt:

Anyway, this isn’t a ROY Post about Bob Barker, so back to Vanna.

She did nothing but spin letters on WOF starting in 1982, and 5 years after her debut she appeared in a 1987 issue of Playboy

Vanna White Playboy Cover

I'd Like To Solve Her Puzzle, Please

We've got some soda, OJ, Purple Stuff...SUNNY D!  (My D is very Sunny, Vanna)

We've got some soda, OJ, Purple Stuff...SUNNY D! (My D is very Sunny, Vanna)

Full Photo Shoot Here…NSFW, 1987 Style

The best part about Vanna is that shes been doing it and doing it and doing it well for so long, she’s a human Before and After.

You get to see her 1980s Style:

Vanna White 80s

Through the 90s and up until today:

Vanna Black Dress

Still got it.

Oh and by the way, how many times do you think Vanna had to pepper spray this motherfucker:

Pat and Vanna

Yeesh.  For Sure NOT Pat Sajak.  Dude looks like he’s been sleeping in tanning beds and eating bowls of botox for breakfast in the morning

For Sure Vanna White


One Response to FSN Rookie of the Year – Vanna White

  1. Timmaaaaay says:

    I’m not sure what gets me more excited: old Vanna White SS pics or when people “come on down” during the Price is Right.

    What am I saying? I’m a sucker for the PIR. Damn you Barker.

    Anyway… Vanna White could be like a senior citizen and I’d still like to solve her puzzle.

    For Sure like to solve the puzzle.

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