You Need To Stop Doing Crystal Meth

56711561There’s a reason Jeremy Mayfield continues to fail drug tests administered by NASCAR: NASCAR is spiking his samples, Mayfield told WCNC-TV of Charlotte.

Mayfield told WCNC he recently provided two urine samples for testing, one that was tested by NASCAR, and the other that was tested by an independent lab. The NASCAR test came back positive for methamphetamine. The sample he gave the independent lab within an hour of giving NASCAR a sample came back negative.

WCNC reported that an attorney for Mayfield suggested NASCAR might be “spiking” the sample.

“It’s for sure a spiked sample,” Mayfield told the station.

Glad to see Jeremy Mayfield, Consumate Meth Head and NASCAR driver, is on board with the FSN Movement.

I believe after Mayfield released this statement NASCAR responded with:

“For Sure NOT Spiked.”

But seriously, Jeremy – you need to stop doing getting caught doing crystal meth.

Thats all there is to it.

For Sure All There Is To It.

~ Shout out to J Love for the link


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