Hey, Would You Like Roy Halladay Basically For Free? No, That’s Ok.

roy halladay

Toronto’s request of the Mets for star pitcher Roy Halladay was for top outfield prospect Fernando Martinez, young pitchers Bobby Parnell and Jon Niese and shortstop prospect Ruben Tejada, sources tell SI.com.

The Mets responded with a resounding no.

I simply REFUSE to believe this was a legitimate offer from the Blue Jays.  It CANNOT be serious.  It is a genuinely AWFUL package:

One good prospect who cannot remain healthy (FMart), a dime-a-dozen middle reliever (Parnell), a projected #4 Starter (Neise) and a nobody infiedler prospect (Tejada), in exchange for the most effective, efficient, and consistent pitcher in all of Major League Baseball.

Omar Minaya would not deny that the Mets declined this offer, but that’s most likely because the report was written in English and he was unable to understand any of the words.

And to make matters worse you have clown ass Bobby Ojeda on the Mets post game tonight agreeing that it was a good idea to decline this package.  When asked if he would make this trade he responds with “Not in a million years” and said the Mets need Roy Halladay like a “fish needs a bike.”


I mean maybe I’m a pretty radical thinker but I’m pretty sure any organization involved in baseball could find use for the best pitcher in the game.  Just a hunch.

This trade would have possibly topped the Johan HEIST and would have given the Mets the sickest 1-2 punch since Schilling and Randy Johnson were FUCKING BITCHES UP in the early 2000s.

If this turns out to be an actual offer and not just some sort of bullshit rumor or posturing and negotiating by the Blue Jays I’m going to douse myself in lighter fluid and set myself on fire.

For Sure Fire.


One Response to Hey, Would You Like Roy Halladay Basically For Free? No, That’s Ok.

  1. Fitzy says:

    Bobby Ojeda probably also declined working with Erin Andrews in lieu of Chris Carlin (who might actually weigh more than me…ok, probably not).

    This has to be some bs rumor.

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