Erin Andrews Milking It on TMZ

I got a message from FSN Blue Chip Prospect Sara Carbonero today.  It said:

Hey Erin Andrews, tell me how my ass tastes…

sara carbonero


You could smash Sara Carbonero directly in the middle of the face with a flaming baseball bat and she’d still be hotter than Erin Andrew.

For SURE Sara Carbonero

Quick side note…at the end of that TMZ video they have the footage of the Brady Bunch episode where Marcia gets hit in the nose with a football.

I think that Marcia just straight up took a football to the face for real


Now thats commitment!  Granted they probaby used a Nerf ball or something, but that actress definitely took a ball to the fache, no camera tricks, no nothing.

Makes me think that she wasn’t even in on it and didn’t even know the storyline.  She strolled out there with her “Hey you guys!” line and, WHAP! the director just smoked her in the face with a line drive.

Kinda like the director in the Exorcist who used to fire guns and keep the set freezing cold and shit so the actors would look legit terrified.  Except this was more like hitting young girls in the face with balls.

For Sure Hit Young Girls in the Face With Balls



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