Cal Ripken, He Is Not


Omar Minaya said in a conference call today F Mart will have knee surgery, keeping him out 6-8 weeks.  Smart money says his season is dunzo.  Not surprising at all because:

A) The Mets have been cursed by voodoo this season

B) Fernando Martinez spends more time on the DL then I spend black out drunk.  And I spend a lot of time blacked.

So, there goes a central piece of any significant trades the Mets may have tried to make.

Assuming, of course, that Fred Wilpon would ever give the “OK” to the Mets ever paying anyone a single cent ever again.  Hard to dish out dollars when you lost SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to Bernie Madoff.

Fuck Bernie Madoff for ruining my season.

And Fred, cheer up.  Money isn’t everything.  At least you have your health.


For Sure NOT.


3 Responses to Cal Ripken, He Is Not

  1. Jwwhite10 says:

    I’m sure you can do something with this chick. She and her articles are a fsn waiting to happen

  2. Cal Ripken says:

    Damn straight, FSN. Fernando Martinez isn’t even worthy to carry my jockstrap.

    I’m Cal Ripken, Bitch!!!!

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