Man Falls In Manhole – Not Texting, Just Blacked


A German drunkard stumbled into an open drain and got stuck in the hole because of his beer gut.

Gerhard Wilder, 46, was so tightly wedged in, firefighters were called to free him.

He has vowed to go on a diet and cut back on his beer intake after embarrassing pictures of him stuck in the hole surfaced.

Earlier this week FSN introduced the Staten Island Trash Bag that fell in a manhole while texting

Well now I proudly bring you Gerhard Wilder, the Drunkest German of All Time.  Dude was so boozed he got his fat ass stuck in the sewer like Winnie the fucking Pooh in Rabbit’s howse after getting blacked off that Hunny Pot


GD are you fucking serious with a Winnie the Pooh reference on FSN now?

I love how this guy is just chillin in the sewer with his hands crossed waiting for help to come.  Nothin to see here folks just an oversized ass stuck underground.  Keep it movin.

FS Gerhard Wilder

FS Winnie The Pooh


FSN Christopher Robin.  That dude is definitely gay and certainly a little bitch.


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