FSN Rookie of the Year – Jaime Pressly


Jaime Pressly – 1997 – Poison Ivy: The New Seduction – Violet


The Poison Ivy series has got to be the greatest things to ever happen to mankind.  It’s like an AAU League for sick basketball prospects trying to make it to the NBA.  Except its more like a set of 4 soft core porn movies in which directors tricked actresses like Drew Barrymore, Alyssa Milano, and our girl here Jaime Pressly into getting naked and f’ing on camera.

In the third addition of this Big Screen Smut, our girl Jaime Pressly here is just filthy and fakes a bunch of sex and blow J’s wearing leather corsette get-ups, and handcuffs naked chicks while they sleep

After Poison Ivy, she literally just played a white trash broad over and over again.  Seriously.  She did Ringmaster with Jerry Springer, then a movie called Trash, then a movie called Poor White Trash, and rounding off her WT phase with her masterpiece as Jill in Joe Dirt

Picture 2

FS Joe Dirt.

After she got over this phase of her career, she started acting in really classy roles.

For Sure NOT.

She appeared on an episode of Fastlane, the most horrendous badass show about Bill Bellamy and some other dude as undercover L.A. cops.  Anyway, the title of the episode she appeared in was named fucking Strap On, which is even too tasteless even for my liking.

Nah I’m just fucking you, it was a great episode in which she made out with Kelly Kapowski


Oh, and now she’s back to being White Trash on My Name is Earl

FS Jaime Pressly


One Response to FSN Rookie of the Year – Jaime Pressly

  1. Mia Khalifa says:

    She plotting on me trynna get some money

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