Colonel Mustard, You Son Of A Bitch


SAN DIEGO — A man is in custody Monday on suspicion of attacking a woman with a candlestick while she was asleep at her home in Pacific Beach, police said.

Are you fucking serious with this weapon selection?  I get hit with a candlestick every day and I’m fucking fine.

Might as well pick the goddam Rope next time


Does anybody remember playing Clue when they were WAY to young to understand how the process of elimination works?  I remember I’d sit there with that list that was like 5 feet long just checking random boxes and asking if it was the same three things over and over again.

I didn’t don’t even know what the fuck a conservatory is.

What I do know, is that Ms. Scarlett was a kinky little SS


I would just sit there looking at her card asking over and over again “Ms. Scarlet….my lead pipe….in the bedroom”

FS Ms. Scarlet

~ Shout out to Chocaine for the link


2 Responses to Colonel Mustard, You Son Of A Bitch

  1. BC says:

    Another egregious omission by the Cartoon SS Tourney Selection Committee.

  2. choot says:

    she really should have been in the SS Cartoon Tournament

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