Both Of These People Suck At Their Jobs


Now I’m not one to complain These guys suck.

Livan Hernandez became the first pitcher in Mets History (bear in mind this is Mets History, which is pretty shitty to begin with) to allow 3+ first inning runs in three consecutive starts.  I don’t wanna use the phrases “The magic has worn off” or “The magic carpet ride is over,” cuz Livan never really took the Mets on a magical carpet ride.  He was effective for a while as the other 3 sucked it up, but this is the real Livan at this point.

And Jerry Manuel seems like a cool dude.  Probably has some cool stories he could tell about the Dirty South and the Underground Railroad or some shit.  But I don’t know about his managing abilities.

It’s hard to get on a dude when you hand him a Minor League roster and ask him to win Major League games, so I can’t get on him too much.

But when Daniel Murphy shows some positive signs for the first time in two weeks (2 Doubles and that sick behind the back flip at first) and you bench him for Fernando Tatis, who literally has the worst numbers against Randy Wolf out of ALL of Major League Baseball (2-28 career, .071 average.  Lowest out of the 56 major leaguers who have at least 25 at bats against Wolf) you certainly don’t look capable.

For Sure Need The All Star Break


One Response to Both Of These People Suck At Their Jobs

  1. Timmaaaaay says:

    Jerry Manuel needs to leave the Mets and reprise his role on Sesame Street as the Count.

    (I’m implying he looks like The Count). That is all.

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