Pedro Back in the NL East?


Some bullshit Spanish website is reporting that Pedro and Phils Nation have agreed to a deal.  They are wrong like 200% of the time, but this looks like they are in serious enough negotiations that it could happen soon enough.

I’m torn on this, cuz A) I’d hate to see Pedro as a foe in the NL East.  Not because I fear him (there’s a reason why he wasn’t picked up much earlier than this) but because he’s a guy I’ve rooted for forever

Whether he was squaring off against the Yankees, or bringing credibility to the Mets as a franchise in 2005, I always loved him.  Not to mention he was SICK NASTY in his prime and probably the Greatest of All Time during that stretch.  Even when he started to fade there was never a moment when I bailed on Pedro.

B) Hopefully, if this does happen, it means the Phils are content trying to bandage up their rotation, rather than trading the farm and overhauling their rotation with Doc Halladay.

By the way, let the record show I would trade WHATEVER to get Roy Halladay on the Mets.  Give the Jays Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Daniel Murphy, Jon Niese and all these other mediocre spare parts.

A 1-2 1-1A punch of Johan to Doc in Citi Field would be tremendous.

FS Roy Halladay


One Response to Pedro Back in the NL East?

  1. MV says:

    on the flip side…..if the phils trade two or three of their stud prospects (which they have like 8 of) for doc we can officially turn our attention to how awesome rex ryan and matt sanchez are

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