Is That A Crooked Number I See On The Scoreboard? And It Isn’t The Error Column?

Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

Mets Nation went 23 GODDAMN innings without scoring a run until Luis Castillo’s RBI single in the second inning.  For the first time in fucking 5 days they had an extra base hit, and escaped a oppo bomb from Manny in the 9th for a W against LA.

But fuck all that doom and gloom from the past week, Daniel Murphy pulled some And 1 Rucker Park shit on the baseball diamond with his SICK behind the back flip after a Mark Loretta rip ricocheted off first base.

Oliver Perez looked sharp…FOR SURE NOT.  Seven BBs in 5 innings despite “earning” a win, and I think he has officially dethroned Luis Castillo as the Most Hated on this team.

I was getting BLOWN UP with texts, IMs, tweets, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, Morse Code, and my neighbor with milk cartons tied to strings, of just PURE VENOM towards this dude.  I think I speak on behalf of all Mets fans when I say I’d swap OP for Bartolo Colon, and the White Sox don’t even know where the fuck that tub of lard is.  Good luck finding a big enough milk carton to fit Bartolo’s fat ass.

For Sure Venom


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