Brooklyn Butt Slapper Caught!


A Brooklyn man busted after slapping a woman’s buttocks in Crown Heights Tuesday night has been linked to a dozen similar attacks, police said yesterday.

Most of the victims were Hasidic Jews.

Well, I guess all you Brooklyn J-Double-O’s can sleep easier at night now.  Good for you.  But if you ask me this is a sad day for New York City.

The Brooklyn Butt Slapper was a Man of the People.  He was like Zorro or Billy the Kid.  He was the Robin Hood of the Big Apple.

Sure, his tactics weren’t always in line with the Law.  But he was a vigilante hero that represented every dude out there who just wanted to grab a little butt.  And I’m sure he targeted snobby bitches who flaunt their shit and then get all offended when you give em a little tap, tap, taparoo.

There were even rumors that he did Drive By Ass Slaps on a bike.  How can you hate on a dude who does that?

$100 says if the judge is a man he walks away scot free, returning to a life of putting Brooklyn Hasid’s in their place once again.

By day, Frankie Hatton, by night…….The Brooklyn Butt Slapper.

Someone get Michael Bay on the phone I smell a summertime blockbuster.

For Sure Vigilante Butt Slap



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