Teacher Sorry For ‘Marrying” Student

How F'n Sexy, er, I mean Creepy, is this picture?

How F'n Sexy, er, I mean Creepy, is this picture?

PORTLAND, Maine (July 7) — A fourth-grade teacher in Falmouth, Maine, has apologized for playing the groom in a mock wedding to a student.
The Portland Press Herald reports that Paul Rosenblum agreed to participate after the girl proposed and his class at the Plummer-Motz School cajoled him.
At the brief playground ceremony during the lunch recess on June 18, Rosenblum wore a black graduation gown and a clown tie. The girl, whom the school district will not identify, had a sheet draped around her clothes for a gown. There was no kiss.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – I can be cajoled into just about anything.

So, no, I don’t blame Paul Rosenblum for what he did.  How is a man supposed to resist cajoling from a bunch of 4th graders?

What’s next?  You expect him to be able to turn down a Triple Dog Dare?  C’mon people.  Paul is only human.

For Sure Only Human

~ Shout out to Gay C Mac for the link ~ Shout out to TSpoon for the link.  C mac you rat bastard son of a bitch

6 Responses to Teacher Sorry For ‘Marrying” Student

  1. cmac says:

    nothing like like a little pedophilia and berating an 11 year old for her dead dad for the 7 month anniversary…….how did i ever get by without FSN?

  2. TSpoon says:

    Wow- cmac completely took credit for an article I gave him. Shout out out to me.

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