G Chat Registry in the Sky


Am I worried about K Mac getting better?


Only thing I’m worried about is taking care of these stray chubbies that keep poppin up.

Don’t you worry K Mac.  Me and the Garbagman are open for business:

“Smokeshow Loaners for Random Boners” – Everyone chips in $5 a pop to get an Asian to come visit.

See you soon, Kev.

For Sure Random Boners


7 Responses to G Chat Registry in the Sky

  1. Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer says:

    the legal term is “NARB” (No Apparent Reason Boner)… – UCL

  2. dermy says:

    I’d throw in a 10 spot

    • forsurenot says:

      My buddy has an Asian maid. A Masian, we’ll call her. He said he’d donate her to the Smokeshow Loaners for Random Boners for free

  3. Garbageman says:

    Anyone know any Albanians? I think they’ve cornered the human-trafficking market, at least in the Northeast U.S.

  4. cho-caine says:

    for sure ‘rub n tug’ at the ‘massage parlor’


  5. Matty v says:

    Id throw in 10 bones just to see the reaction on Mrs. McD’s face when a random asian slute slides into her son’s room.

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