Michael, Michael, Michael You My N-Word




I mean listen, MJ was just as much my N-Word as he was the next N-Word’s.  But if you’re gonna make a tribute to an N-Word then make sure you don’t lay down some lame tribute track like some bitch ass N-Word

You know, its surprising.  Ever since I started slangin’ smut all day err day I’m always pretty surprised that literally everyday there is another story or event that I can write about.

This morning I woke up with nothin.  I had nothin to write about.   But then I get an email from my N-Word Fitzy with a Ron Artest-Michael Jackson tribute, and I realize that the not a day goes by without some fucked up wacky shit happening.  I mean seriously, who had their money on “I bet Ron Artest is going to make a Michael Jackson Tribute song?”

For Sure NOT me.

~ Shout out to Fitzy for the video.  And shout out to Ron Artest too.  If you’re reading this, Ron-Ron, big up to you for being mentally unstable to a spectacular degree


3 Responses to Michael, Michael, Michael You My N-Word

  1. cmac says:

    this isn’t even the craziest thing good ol’ ronnie has done this week.

  2. Timmaaaaay says:

    This week, cmac? I got my money on this being the 10th craziest thing Ron has done TODAY.

    Word on the street is Artest signed with the Lakers so he can work on his “flourishing” music career.

    For Sure NOT Ron Artest performances at half time at the Staples Center..

    But…For Sure listening to Ron Artest Better than watching the Clippers

    Speaking of which, what’s worse? Being stuck near Staples Center in the traffic jam from Michael Jackson’s funeral or being stuck inside the Staples Center for a Clippers game?

  3. weew31 says:

    Ron will be wearing number 37 for the Lakers…the number of weeks Thriller was #1 on the billboards

    FS Bubbles already wears that number sorry Ron

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