Michael Jackson Funeral Live Feed



BNO News is providing live, high-quality coverage of Michael Jackson’s public memorial.

The event is set to start at 10.30 a.m. PDT in the Staples Center in Los Angeles and more than a billion people are expected to watch the memorial service on TV.

You’re GODDAMN RIGHT there’s gonna be more than a BILLION watching the live feed now that FSN Nation is here.

It will be 1,000,000,006

For Sure One Billion and Six

Quick little aside, this shit is getting absurd.  I was all for looking past the fact that this dude was a Little Kid Dick Toucher cuz he made HOT FIRE.  But getting a BILLI watching your funeral is just ridiculous.


4 Responses to Michael Jackson Funeral Live Feed

  1. Timmaaaaay says:

    Apparently, there are a few conspiracy theorists out there already starting the “MJ faked his death” story.

    Hey, if it works for Elvis and TuPac…

    This one absolutely slays me…


    I reallllllllly hope Michael Jackson faked his own death. Imagine the backlash?

  2. mugsy says:

    In other news: Cure for cancer, largest mass murder in modern history, Mowry twins beat Krupa and Feres sisters in online poll but first Michael Jackson!!!!!

    • BC says:

      Wow… we really are a bunch of assholes. FSN Nation giving it to the Mowry sisters just to be dicks. Good stuff.

  3. cho-caine says:

    after much research and fact-finding, i’ve come to the conclusion that this weeklong MJ love fest is a NAMBLA conspiracy to promote man-boy love


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