FSN Rookie of the Year – Nikki Cox


Nikki Cox – 1995 – Unhappily Ever After – Tiffany Malloy

nikki coz

Ahhh Nikki Cox.  She started out with such a bang.  She was a number 1 overall pick.

Guys everywhere recognized her potential and dubbed her the second coming of Kelly Bundy:


She had everything – SICK curves, sexy outfits, and a slutty demeanor

cox montage

Not to mention the perfect lack of dignity and self worth that would allow an SS actress to work on a sitcom involving an imaginative drunk stuffed rabbit


FS Mr. Floppy.

She went on and parléd her role as Tiffany the high school slut into a job on Las Vegas and various photoshoots



All the sudden, she looked a little…different


Nothin crazy.  Just weird boobs and her lips started to get all flat and sloppy like the Dairy Queen lips

And then she sat courtside at the Lakers and looked like this:


I just chalked it up to being almost 30 years old instead of 17 and maybe some not-so-good plastic surgery and a funny camera angle…

For Sure NOT.

This broad did a complete NOSEDIVE and ended up lookin like Jack Nicholson as The Joker in Batman



So the question I ask, Nation, is this:

For Sure Former Sitcom Smokeshow Now Looking Like Maniacal Comic Book Villain Burned By Acid


2 Responses to FSN Rookie of the Year – Nikki Cox

  1. Timmaaaaay says:

    Timmaaaaay, upon reading the above post, would like to make the following statement:

    “I am troubled and saddened by the events that haven taken place to Nikki Cox’s breasts and lips. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who knew how hot she was and has to see what she looks like now.
    Her hotness will surely be missed.”

  2. cmac says:

    fun fact of the day:

    nikki cox was married to bobcar goldthwait. who is this mr. bobcat goldthwait you ask?

    he’s this ahole who talks like a fucking retard


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