Happy Friday Nation Even Though Its Thursday

I’m crusing till Tuesday folks.  GAI this weekend.  You can catch me at the Boardy Barn.  I’ll be the guy in the giant straw hat screaming FSN singing John Denver

For Sure Fourth of July


6 Responses to Happy Friday Nation Even Though Its Thursday

  1. FSsarah says:

    i am FS obsessed with this website
    FS let’s gather the FSN Nation and drink and be merry

  2. FSlynn says:

    I will FS drink with you and all the nation.

    I FS wanted to kill myself at work today when I realized there would FSN be any new posts.

  3. FSsarah says:

    I FS felt the same way. However, I woke up and was all kinds of thrilled that tomorrow is Tuesday.

    Do you think he has any clue that this website hit the west coast?
    …. does now.

  4. FSlynn says:

    I FS read this site all day err day during class out on the West Coast. I was an A+ student. FSN.

  5. FSsarah says:

    hahaha while I was TAing for Molecular Biology I told the kids to FS leave me alone and that I would N help them because I was reading FSN. They used to question why I would start laughing during lecture… little did they know.

  6. cho-kettie says:

    Back in ’73, the great Charlie Rich won the American Recording Industry award for country singer of the year. Then in ’74 he had to present it to the new winner. You know who that was? Mr. Sunshine on my Goddamn Shoulders John Denver. Well, I’ll be dammed if Mr. Rich didn’t take out his lighter and light that award on fire right there. You see what I’m saying, Rabbit?

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