A Little Something I Like To Call Rock Bottom

Was this the worst outfielding in MLB history?

Was this the worst outfielding in MLB history?

Brewers 6 – Mets 3.  Dumpy errors F the Mets again – Recap

Well, there’s not much good to say about the Mets right now.  Their offense has been decimated by so many injuries its laughable.  And I’m not one to blame injuries but take away three core players of any team in baseball and they’d be fucked too.  On top of that, the play defense like a co-ed little league team, and in the not-so-friendly confines of Citi Field that ain’t gonna cut it.  K-Rod has been fucking walking in runs and even Johan Alexander Santana is struggling.

I was ready to KM – I had a noose tied around my neck, I scratched “FSN was here” on the ceiling like Brooks from Shawshank, and I was rocking back and forth on a wobbly chair.  But then luckily I realized the NL East SUCKS.  Somehow this team is only 3 gms back.  I seriously doubt over the next 80-90 games the Mets will contend if they can’t get healthy, but I’m gonna chalk up a 9-18 June as one of the valleys in the roller coaster ride that is a Maj0r League season, and hope for a July that is as hot as June was cold.  It’s better than jumping on the Apocalypse Bandwagon of people probably yelling that David Wright should be traded.

For Sure Wishful Thinking


2 Responses to A Little Something I Like To Call Rock Bottom

  1. In his defense (or lack thereof), the field was absolutely horrendous on that play. It looked like he was wearing roller skates on an ice rink.

    The divot he created was something Tiger would be envious of.

    • forsurenot says:

      Yea F Mart doesn’t deserve the blame here, but watching your centerfielder literally fall on his face is tough to swallow during a losing streak.

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