Better Sign a Prenup


FSN Nation All Star The Garbageman sent me this picture from his buddy’s blasphemous wedding.

Now what kind of fucking groom allows this shit to go down?  Whether or not he’s a Sox fan or a Yankees fan is irrelevant – I’m pretty sure all fanbases agree hes a pussy.

I understand you can’t help who you fall in love with which chick uses sorcery to trick you into marriage.  So every now and then you’re gonna see a case of a groom getting stuck with a Rival Wife, but Jesus Christ do you have to celebrate her inadequacies?

Plus let’s call a spade a spade chicks don’t really like sports.  Man up and

A) Don’t start your marriage off by completely sacrificing your fanhood


B) You probably should get a real fucking cake that isn’t a baseball theme.

Dude probably sleeps in a racecar bed with his wife.

For Sure NOT Red Sox Yankees Cake


6 Responses to Better Sign a Prenup

  1. Garbageman says:

    hahahahaha “do you have to celebrate her inadequacies?”

    hey give him a break, the pastry shop was all out of “scrapes teeth during oral” cake.

  2. choot says:

    do u think they fought over who would be on top?

  3. Timmaaaaay says:

    I LOVE this cake.

    Nothing says marriage is overrated quite like the Yankees and Red Sox.

  4. weew31 says:

    yeah but its a fucking SWEET car…

  5. kliz says:

    is that a cake or a hat??

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