Billy Mays – No Longer “Here”


Why God!? Why? You can take Ed McMahon.  You can have Farrah and I’ll even allow MJ.  But not Billy.

And we can all cut the shit about a bump on the head killing Billy Mays.  Bullshit.  Autopsy reports later today will reveal that Billy Mays died from being too fucking awesome.



4 Responses to Billy Mays – No Longer “Here”

  1. fitzy says:

    Vince “ShamWow” Offer and myself would like to publicly deny any link to the death of Billy Mays.

  2. cho-kettie says:

    RIP billy mays…the man who’s death deserves way more attention than some creepy, pill-popping facial experiment.

  3. hanna says:

    i was a fan of billy too! infomercials will never be the same! 😦
    check out this great rap tribute i found at

  4. ace says:

    Another “celebrity” who was 50 just died. He had a lot going for him.

    May Billy Mays rest in peace despite some of the negative things people say.

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