Dark Dark day.

Michael Jackson was hands down the most popular musical artist of all time.  Sure you’ve got the Elvis’s and Madonna’s, throw in a little Britney Spears as the modern Superstar.  But MJs career peaked with the advent of the music video, allowing him to essentially revolutionize the very definition of a music megastar.

There has never been, nor will there ever be. a single person on the planet earth that does not like I Want You Back, ABC 123, Beat It and Billie Jean.

In my mind here’s the best way to sum up Michael Jackson:

When you take a step back and look at Michael Jackson – and really examine him – you can honestly say there has never been another person even remotely similar to him throughout human existence.

He’s a disease ridden, plastic surgery addict child molester musical genius.  How man of those has the world ever seen?

For Sure Zero


One Response to RIP MJ

  1. BonerJamz says:

    since when do trees grow steps?

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