If I Fined Myself For Being Drunk I’d Be Broke


ROOSTERS supremo Nick Politis has accepted an apology from Brad Fittler, but admits the coach’s drunken night in Townsville was the mistake of a man under pressure.

Fittler yesterday fined himself $10,000 and made a public apology for his drunken meltdown in the early hours of Friday morning but also vowed to get on with his job.

Police were called to Townsville’s Holiday Inn early on Friday morning after two female guests reported a “creepy man” with a “hairy chest” – wearing only shorts – was trying to get into their room.

Police arrived at 3.15am to find a “very drunk” Fittler still outside the room. Fittler got out of the elevator at the wrong floor and shook the room’s door, mistaking it for his.

I certainly don’t give a fuck about Australian Rugby.  I already pretended to care about soccer for about 5 seconds yesterday when the US beat Spain, so that filled up my quota of talking about shit I don’t wanna talk about for the month.  So skip past all that shit and lets get to the goods.

This dude fined himself 10 grand for being a drunk idiot.  Imagine if regular guys out there were fining themselves for drunk antics?  Kinda like when you first have kids and they make you put $1 in a jar every time you say a curse word (P.S. If I ever trick a broad into procreating my kids will be fuckin RICH off that scheme)

Whoops, woke up next to that fat old chick from the bar last nite. $5.

Grabbed that girl’s ass at the bar and she smacked me in the face. $5.

Told the cops “I smell bacon you filthy pigs!” and went to prison. $5.

The list goes on.  I’d be broke as FUCK.

But, the saving grace is that the fines would probably be paid directly to your friends, in which case they’d just reimburse you with their own Drunk Fines.

Now that I think of it, Drunk Fines are a great way to monetarily prove which one of your friends is the stupidest.

I’m looking at you Dermy.

For Sure Drunk Fines

~ via With Leather


One Response to If I Fined Myself For Being Drunk I’d Be Broke

  1. dermy says:

    yep…. i’d be broke

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