Girardi Asks To Be Ejected


Everyday I see Joe Girardi’s face or hear him talk, I grow more and more nauseated with him.  Partly because I have an unhealthy hatred for all things Yankee, partly because I think he is a genuine asshole.

But I think last nite’s Home Plate umpire Bill Welke was truly genuinely thoroughly disgusted when he looked Girardi dead in the face and said “Do you want to get thrown out?”

Girardi nods his head and Welke just lazily waives his hand in disgust to toss him.  Watch the video here – argument after Brett Gardner is picked off.

If you’re going to get thrown out, get your moneys worth.  Spit on the guys face or something.

For Sure NOT Politely Ask To Get Thrown Out


One Response to Girardi Asks To Be Ejected

  1. Top That says:

    its like gene hackman in Hoosiers, only Gene Hackman’s awesome and Giradi is FSN

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