Police Search For Naked French Fry Thief

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) – Canadian police were on the search on Monday for a brazen thief who snatched a take-away meal while making a naked run past a fast food restaurant’s drive-though window.

The man, believed to be in his 20s, jumped into a waiting van, which sped away from the scene during the weekend incident, police said.

More like Fast…NUDE. Get it? Get it?

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more fun than terrorizing fast food patrons naked.  The real question is, how much did this kid get paid?  Being a veteran of the Fast Nude Game, I’d say that a Naked French Fry Intercept is good for $50.  Most likely $10 each from each member of your crew

I remember when we used to convince FSN Nation member Club Beem to run through Baskin Robins naked.  The place was set up with a back door and a front door, so we’d drop him off at the back door, drive around to the front, and he’d run through the place completely naked except for construction boots.  He’d burst out the front door, run down the street on right on the double yellow line for a bit, and then hop in the car.

There would always been a Little League team or a soccer team in there, and he’d flop and flail his way through that joint yelling “MA DAK ES YUGE!!” in a William Wallace accent.

Good Times, Great Oldies


~ Shout out to P Mac for the link


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