Obligatory Megan Fox Post of the Day


Do you know how you can tell if someone is preposterously hot?  If a video of you doing COMPLETELY normal shit is somehow hotter than anything I’ve seen on the Internet.

Esquire made this video of her waking up, getting dressed and f’ing barbecuing and suddenly I find myself canceling my porn subscriptions cuz its hotter than anything I get from them


~ Shout out to Vijay Cee for the video


7 Responses to Obligatory Megan Fox Post of the Day

  1. debo says:

    Appears to be the greatest Miller Lite commercial of all time

  2. cmac says:


  3. Timmaaaaay says:


    Women between the ages of 18-40 are not recommended to watch the above cited Megan Fox Esquire video.

    Possible side effects include:

    killing themselves
    fucking the first man they see out of desperation

  4. kliz says:

    they could have had a clip of her on the toilet bowl and it still would have been a 10 out 10

    FS megan fox can do whatever she wants and still will get the juices flowing

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