Holler At me

North Carolina Hollerin Contest

Now, I don’t know one shred about hollerin’ contests, but I’ll tell you right now, contestant number 2 in the yellow shirt and straw hat was ROBBED.

That dude KILLED IT.

The dude at the 0:21 second mark sounds like a goddam police car.  Round these parts fella, we don’t reward no law enforcement Hollerin

Contestant # 507 at the 0:40 man just straight up rips off Tarzan.  Sorry bro, that shit is played out.

Sexually frustrated middle aged man at the 0:55 mark? The supposed “winner.” FSN.  Hey Julie Andrews get your Sound of Music yodeling the fuck up out of my Hollerin Contest.

How the fuck did Straw hat Yellow Shirt not win?

Shee-ba-ba-ba-BOOM, Shee-ba-ba-ba BOOM, Shee-ba-ba-ba-BOOM



One Response to Holler At me

  1. BC says:

    This is like the white people version of beatboxing.

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